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The Team


With a virtual office based in Ghana, Virtual Linguistic Solutions (VLS) integrates 85 freelancers worldwide including 12 experts in SEO content Writers, Copywriters, Business Writers, and Bloggers from Ghana, France, Argentina, Australia, and the UK; 20 Proofreaders; 5 bilingual voice-over artists, 2 Video Editors; 5 onsite Interpreters; 1 dialect Coach, and 40 Translators from around the world.


In order to work together with other people in an efficient way, it is obvious you need to have the different parts of your activities and the people who are involved in it to be well organized; and that involves good coordination led by committed and experienced partners akin to the Virtual Linguistic Solutions team. 


We take great pride in contracting experienced and professional Writers, Translators, SEO Copywriters, Proofreaders and Editors who are knowledgeable of the field of work they specialize in. 


We have the sophisticated tools to adequately respond to your requests. We do not make promises, we only give you what we are best knowledgeable of. 


Our professional Copywriters, Tanslators, and Proofreaders boast over 20 years of experience in the field. And this is the experience we want to share with you. 

What You Can Expect From VLS


Virtual Linguistic Solutions endeavours to guarantee services of the utmost standard. We do not make promises: We deliver what we aim at and can achieve. This is our way of adding a value to your business. We will give you excellent translation, proofreading, and copywriting support as we have been doing for the past two decades for various local and international companies.  


At VLS, we believe the CLIENT represents a part of our success. As a devoted and serious company, we proudly hold on professionalism. We are always responsive and prompt to your demands. We revered you by taking into consideration what you can afford. We work conjunctly with you to ensure a mutual satisfactory result. Developing and sustaining positive customer relationships is one of our prime goals.  Consequently, we constantly seek to improve upon the quality of the services that we render. Our lifetime clients are very much delighted with our services. We therefore urge you to take a  one-time free trial with us and enjoy services of the utmost standard. 

Meeting Your Needs...


We do care about your wants, needs and desires. 


Your interest is our concern. Being mindful of your preoccupations, we are dedicated to make up for your needs by prioritizing list of things that really matters you. We aim at assisting individuals and corporations from any part of the world with their linguistic projects. 


Our managerial team makes sure that you are well informed about the ongoing activities of your projects, and understand the values of the company.  Mutual understanding and trust build a sustainable  partnership.


We believe that it is quite important to build bridges between YOU the Client  and US as your language service providers in order to ensure that your desires and requests are well taken note of and executed as specified. 


As both a locally and internationally recognized, as well as a reputable Multi-lingual Outsourcing Company, we are fully poised to respond effectively and efficiently to your requirements as regards YOUR NEEDS!

Our Values


Virtual Linguistic Solutions adheres to three values that comprise the core of the company's principles and drive our achievements:


First Rate Reception

   We are always responsive and prompt to our customer's demands.   



  You can lean on us for your linguistic projects: We work relentlessly to guarantee a prompt turnaround, whilst ensuring that we offer nothing less than services of the utmost standard.  


Best Rate

  We revered our customers by taking into consideration what they can afford. We are appreciated for the flexibility of our prices. 

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