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Virtual Linguistic Solutions has an array of opportunities for people who are open-minded, self-motivated and people who are experts in their fields of work. If your credentials meet our criteria, then you are certainly welcome to the team.


Apply for the position of your choice.


Experienced Translators


We are still looking forward to hiring more professional freelance French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Ga, Twi, Fante, Hausa, and Ewe translators of general and technical terminologies. 


This position is for candidates, who are conversant in the languages they specialize in; who have been raised in their native countries at least until they were teenagers and later on immigrated to country of their adopted language and who earn at least a first Degree in translation and in one of the following fields; Legal, Medical, IT, Financial, and Business area. 


Translators with at least 2 years of work record in the above-stated fields and languages are required to take in this challenge.

Copy-Writers & Copy-Editors 


Due to the high amount of writing projects we do receive on daily basis, we require more support from freelance French and English Writers. Consequently, we look forward to hiring people, who are passionate about writing witty, creative, and 100% original technical or general articles or reviews. 


Freelance writers having experience in blogging, producing SEO contents, with good knowledge of the corporate, entertainment, tourism, political, and technology gadgets concepts with excellent command of English or French language are required for this position. 


No specific Degree is required for this position but, applicants need to be talented and have experience in the above-stated fields. Native French and English writers with 2 years of endeavour in the writing sector will be considered.

Voice-Over Artists & Interpreters


We are looking for female and male voice-over artists from Africa.


Preferred languages are Asante Twi, Fante, Ewe, Ga, and Hausa. We also need voice actors who are fluent in French, English, German, Portuguese, and/or Spanish with a typical African accent.  


If you believe you are a voice-over artist and wish to work in a fast-paced, forever changing, business environment, then send us your demo. The length of your demo shouldn’t exceed 1 minute.


The topic you choose should be a reflection of who you are.


Please be informed in advance that bad sound quality audio will be automatically rejected.  

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