Language Interpreting


We provide an active roster of interpreters who work on an occasional, as-needed basis for projects required at various levels of interpreting proficiency, be it for conferences or seminars you are organizing in Ghana or across other regions in West Africa. We are experts in providing Interpreting in Virtual Reality (IVR). 


We also have escort interpreters with over 10 years of experience. We proudly engage language interpreters who 'live' in the context of your country and that of your partner to make communication easier between you.

Consecutive Language Interpreting

Currently, our language interpreting services cover the regions of Ghana, only. We have a robust team of accredited and professional language consecutive interpreters stationed nationwide.


We only hire language interpreters with specialization in a wide range of technical and general subjects.


Our team of consecutive language interpreters is very knowledgeable about the culture, traditions, people, lifestyle and language of their adopted country. They have an excellent command of both languages. Most of our consecutive interpreters have a track record of over 8 years in this area. We usually select the interpreter who will be suitable for the type of project you have.


VLS regular and lifelong customers have the opportunity to choose the interpreter or interpreters they would want to work with. You can hire any of our consecutive language interpreters either for conferences, seminaries, tours, business meetings, or personal meetings you are organizing here in Ghana.


They are ready to follow you wherever you want to go and make communication an easy thing for you. 

Simultaneous Language Interpreting

Unlike consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpretation comes with loads of challenges. To avoid any inconveniences and dissatisfaction, we hire interpreters who have extensive background and many years of experience in the field.


Our simultaneous language interpreters have been trained to listen, comprehend, and analyze an ongoing speech, and then interpret it into the preferred or suggested language of the client, while still listening to the speech. It takes professionals and experienced interpreters to satisfy the needs of the clients.


This is why it is important for us to work hand-in-hand with you to make your conferences a success. It is paramount for our simultaneous interpreters to know the specific language area to be employed for them to be able to brush up their terminology ahead of the conference.

Interpretation Equipment Rental & Conferences/Events Organization/Management

At VLS, we provide more than language interpretation services. We support translation agencies and event organizers with their projects; be it to manage or organize seminars, conferences, one-to-one business meetings or presentation sessions.


We provide a wide range of interpretation equipment with first-class installation and technician solutions. 


Our equipment rental services include; installation of equipment, training participants on how to use the system, as requested by client, maintenance of equipment, and IT support. 


Our rental stock consist of simultaneous interpretation systems, portal sound systems, 2-person tabletop booths, and soundproof 2-person and 3-person walk-in interpreter booths push-to-talk microphone conference systems, hearing assistance systems. 


To ensure a total satisfaction of our clients, we also provide a complementary telephone technical support throughout.






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