Virtual Linguistic Solutions ventures in the foreign languages that are most frequently spoken and used in transactions on the African continent. 


We revel in employing only native speakers and certified professional linguists, who excel in the field they specialize in to work on your projects. 


We proofread website contents, articles, reviews, and translated documents in French (France) and English (UK, US), Spanish and Chinese.  We do also produce SEO articles in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Chinese , and French. 


The ultimately collapse of businesses is partially due to inefficiency of language understanding. The fate of your business can be based on the quality of a translation. 


To avoid a failure in your communication with foreign business partners, engage experienced and principled translators to ensure success. Virtual Linguistic Solutions is your gateway...  


We literally translate almost everything; from legal to business, media, literature documents and websites contents from French and English into over 10 African and other European languages. 


We also specialize in website localization. 

Copy-Writing & Copy-Editing

We are specialists in writing powerful, conversant but formal, attractive and excellent SEO Copywriting, Press Releases, business proposals, technical proposals, academic  write-ups, business plans, and brochures.


We have achieved an interesting experience, which has enriched our writing skills and sharpened our ability to produce strategic materials for the corporate, tourism, and entertainment environment. 


At VLS, we know how to employ the right words and help you eradicate grammatical mistakes in order to impress your customers.  

Language Interpreting

You will admit that language is power to build a sustainable relationship with your business partners or customers. It is therefore important to ensure accurate communication between you and your interlocutor, who may partially master your language or may not have any knowledge of the language you speak. 


At Virtual Linguistic Solutions (VLS), we see the essence of hiring a professional language interpreter who is fluent and well experienced in both languages and has deep knowledge about the culture, behaviors, people, and stereotypes of both countries.  


Be it consecutive language interpreting, or simultaneous language interpreting, VLS is your partner. 

Voice-Over, Subtitling, & Video Overlay

Virtual Linguistic Solutions (VLS) has in its database, some of the most international renowned multilingual voice-over artists, video editors, and accent coaches to assist you with your projects, be it for commercials, movies or podcasts. 

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