Why Professional Translation Services Are an Invaluable Asset to Your Business

Language is a powerful tool. It educates, advises and enlightens us on a daily basis, clarifying complex ideas and allowing us to grasp difficult concepts. Really effective use of language can make us see things in a different way; it can be motivational, inspirational and incredibly persuasive.


From the products we buy at the supermarket to our choice of car insurance, language has an inestimable influence on the decisions we make everyday – just ask anyone who works in advertising.

In recent years, the need for effective language use has become more vital than ever. The internet has made it possible for small businesses and individuals to promote their services on an unprecedented scale, while multinational organisations need to communicate with clients, partners and staff in all corners of the globe.  Every kind of written document - from health and safety instructions to complex promotional campaigns - requires careful, accurate use of language. Poorly worded documents are embarrassing, detr


imental to a company’s reputation and can result in damaging and even disastrous misunderstandings.


Translation services are the key link between businesses and their international associates. But with the success of your company’s international profile at stake, how can you be sure that the clarity of your message does not get lost in translation?


Professional linguists understand that before a single word is translated, the original document must be thoroughly read and comprehended. This means paying close attention not just to content, but to the tone and writing style used – is the text intended to sell? Instruct? Educate? Most importantly, who is the intended audience?


By taking the time to fully grasp the intended purpose of the text, a good translator is able to work in a reader focused way that ensures the central themes and ideas remain as powerful as they should.


While any piece of writing is about communicating ideas, it is style and tone that really makes a document interesting and enjoyable to read. It’s easy for the subtleties of language to get lost in the translation process. That’s why good translation services provide much more than a literal word for word interpretation of their client’s work. In fact, complete rearranging of sentences and syntax reshuffling will almost certainly be necessary to avoid the translation sounding clunky and unnatural. What’s more, an understanding of cultural differences, colloquial styles, phrases and expressions is vital for any effective translation.


Professional linguists are able to accurately replicate the central meaning, themes and ideas of the original document, and strive to do so in a way that is culturally relevant, interesting and useful to its intended audience.


By focusing on the original works purpose, considering writing tone and paying meticulous detail to cultural differences, a proficient interpreter is able to produce interesting, natural sounding work that reads not as a translation, but as a great piece of vibrant, persuasive copy which represents their clients in the best way possible.


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